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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed first time in six days
I had been eager to get my driving license as soon as I could to help my dad in his car parts delivery business so was very happy when I passed my theory test on my 17th birthday.

I came across Stan’s website so I gave him a ring and told him there was a test slot available the following week and asked if he thought I could prepare in time.

I booked the test and Stan took me out for an assessment the next day where we agreed a course schedule up to the test.

I drove every day up to the test and passed just six days after my birthday.

Thanks Stan …. you really are the man.

Thanks Stan for being very patient and making my lessons great fun. Your sense of humour calmed me down even the day before and on test day. Only 8 weeks of lessons and passed first time. I recommend Stan to anyone who wants a stress-free environment to learn to drive. 

Thanks again Stan :)

First time pass
Within 2 months of my 17th Birthday and I have my pink full driving licence. All of the lessons were extremely helpful in their own right and I was amazed by how quickly Stan helped me to be a confident driver from having no driving experience whatsoever. I don't think I've heard of anyone having a better instructor in the area, so Stan's the man for passing your driving test.

Passed first time
Without the help of Stan I wouldn't have been able to have passed my test first time. The encouragement he gives is amazing and if there's anything that you feel you need to improve on or are not as confident with then he will happily look back over them bits with you so don't hesitate to ask.

Stan is a very reliable and efficient driving instructor.

Thank You Stan for the time you've taken out to help me learn to drive.

By far the best instructor I have had. I had taken several test in the past, failing them all so was delighted when I found Stan's website and got my step-dad to give him a ring.

He turned out to be the best instructor I have had by a long way. Lesson prices were reasonable and he gave me a really good service as we ironed out the weaknesses in my driving ready for the test in my ten-day course.

He helped me keep calm and relaxed and was always patient and professional but never missed a chance to help me sort out the faults and make my driving better.

I passed this time after just ten days and would happily recommend Stan to anyone who is looking for a good driving instructor.

At the age of 49 and needing to learn to drive quickly due to my husband's health deteriorating I searched the web to find the best driving instructor. I found Stan's website which had really positive testimonials so contacted him to find out more.

I chose a thirty-hour semi-intensive course and studied and passed my theory and hazard perception tests.

The first few weeks of the course I did two lessons each week and then an intensive block of lessons, driving every day for ten days with my test on the last day of the course.

The day before my test I did a mock test to prepare me for the real test so I knew what to expect.

Test day arrived and I was a bag of nerves but Stan put me at ease, reminding me that I had the knowledge and skill to pass and that I should just do my best.

Wooohooo - I passed first time in less than eight weeks.

Stan is a patient, funny, understanding, and brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking to pass the test.

Thanks Stan … you're the best.

After already completing an intensive course with a previous instructor months ago, and not having taken my test, I was nervous to get back in a car again after letting time lapse.

After an introductory session with Stan however I felt as though taking my test this time would be possible. He helped me understand why I should do things rather than just a formula I could easily forget like Manoeuvres. I enjoyed my lessons with him and would definitely recommend him to everyone, as thanks to him:


Thanks again Stan :-)

Thanks for all you've done for me Stan.
If not for you I would still have L plates on my yellow machine. The best driving instructor EVER!

I initially contacted Stan due to the fact that he does intensive courses as I wanted to learn to drive before I completed my college course. I was nervous about learning to drive in a manual car since I hadn't driven before but Stan made me feel relaxed and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test.

I started lessons on 20th February and I passed my test first time less than a month later on 19th March after a two-stage intensive course.

I would definitely recommend Stan to anyone.

I moved to Doncaster from Hull then contacted Stan about driving lessons. He was quick to reply and gave me the information I needed.

I had an assessment lesson where Stan advised me which course to take. He suggested a short course of 17 hours and I started the course straight away. I was unsure I'd pass with only 17 hours, especially since I didn't know Doncaster but Stan was right.

I passed first time so I highly recommend having Stan as your instructor.

I started my lessons on the 8th Jan 2014 taking my test sixteen days later on 24th January after just 35 hours of lessons. I'd never driven before this and passed my test first time!

Stan was an excellent instructor and I will gladly recommend him to any of my friends!

Lucy C
First time pass
I wanted to learn to drive before I went to university this september so a driving instructor who would try to work around my time frame was what I was looking for. A friend of mine who had really enjoyed learning to drive recommended Stan so I contacted him and began learning.

It took me five months to learn to drive and I passed first time! I enjoyed the whole process and it really improved my confidence. Stan was patient and helped me learn about driving as a whole so now I feel comfortable and confident with great memories and a new life skill.

Danny C
A Mini Adventure
I want to say a big thank you to Stan for helping me pass my test first time.

After feeling that progress towards my test was too slow with my previous instructor a friend told me that she had really enjoyed lessons with Stan so I arranged to do a one-hour assessment with him…….. What a great decision!

After the assessment we agreed that my driving was good but that there were a few areas that should be improved before going for my test. Manoeuvres were not as smooth or easy as they needed to be and my handling of roundabouts needed a bit of work but he said it shouldn't take long to bring my driving up to test standard.

I started weekly lessons with Stan and noticed the difference straight away as lessons were all planned with targets and a route to achieve them and in no time at all my driving and manoeuvres got better.

Just a few weeks later I passed my test first time and I am now free to drive my Mini wherever I like.

Thanks Stan

The Sky's the limit now I have passed my test
I passed my test last week with Stan Williams and want to say thanks.

Being able to drive will be a great help when I finish my college course for cabin crew and I couldn't have found a better instructor than Stan.

He was always well prepared for my lessons and was polite and patient no matter what happened. Even when I had a problem I couldn't solve he would just ask:

"Why did you do that?" and then we would work out what to do next time.

I really enjoyed my lessons and he helped me a lot, especially in the run up to my test so I will always remember how much I enjoyed my lessons and that feeling when the examiner said

"Congratulations Lily, you have passed your test!"

Dave Stewart
First time pass after just six weeks
I want to say a big thank you to Stan for getting me through my test first time.

Having never driven in my life at 32 I thought I would struggle being taught something new but Stan's way of teaching made me feel relaxed and safe. The driving didn't come naturally to me but Stan was very patient and explained everything simply and things soon fell into place. I would highly recommend Stan to anyone wanting to learn how to drive not only safely but also with confidence.

Drivng test success and pass plus
When I found stan on the Internet his website appealed to me with the way he spoke about his lessons ... I phoned him for a 20 hour course and he fitted me in straight away and very quickly. I was so pleased. The week went so quick and the way he taught me made it so easy to learn. Then the test I was dreading but I sailed through it first time.. all thanks to stan... After passing my test and getting a shock when I saw my insurance quote I did pass plus. It's a brilliant thing to have as it saves you a fortune on insurance and same again stan's the man it's cheaper than other schools at £99 for past pupils. Thanks Stan

Lorna - Passed my test in Doncaster
After taking my test in Pontefract with a different instructor and failing three times with only a few minor faults I was beginning to give up hope. Then I came across Stan on the LDC website. I saw that he did tests in Doncaster so I thought I'd give it a try as I know Doncaster quite well.

On my first driving lesson with Stan I noticed straight away that his teaching method was a lot easier than I had previously learnt. I felt at ease straight away and had no doubts that he was a good Instructor. I was quite nervous about my test but when I got out and realized that I knew many of the test routes hot spots I was fine.

Stan really calmed me down and helped me to enjoy driving.

"As a lot of my mates began to pass their driving test and I was still stuck with buses I decided the best option for me to take was to do the week intensive course.

I'd heard about it before but wasn't sure how to go about getting involved but after finding the LDC website the company put me intouch with Stan.

Stan Visited me at home before the course to the to let me know all about it and how it could be done best to suit myself.

The course itself was great fun and doing all the hours in the car as close as possible to one another really helped me focus on what needed to be done.

Stan was a great teacher always calm, and his teaching methods are especially easy to follow whilst putting the learner under little or no pressure at all.

Now after having passed my driving test first time round I can't thank Stan enough!

No more buses and i'm able to go where i want when i want!"

Brett - Back in the USSR
My grandson Brett now lives in Bulgaria but stayed with me over the summer to learn to drive and pass his driving test.

A friend told me that Stan had done a great job in helping her son pass his test at seventeen in just two weeks so I gave Stan a ring and he came to see me at home.

He explained about the LDC DVD and workbook used on the course and I booked Brett's course.

Brett arrived in the UK, passed his theory test after a bit of help from Stan, and passed his test just a few weeks later with only three minor faults after the intensive thirty-hour course.

If you are looking for a friendly, reliable driving instructor then Stan is your man.

A very satisfied grandma

Dave - On the road again
Losing my licence after twenty-something years driving was a real shock and being told that I had to pass an extended driving test before I could drive again meant I had to turn down much needed work. All I could do was wait for my disqualification to end and apply for a new provisional licence.

A young lad at work told me he had just passed his test at seventeen after an intensive driving course with Stan Williams so I gave Stan a ring and asked if he could help.

Stan explained how his driving courses worked and it sounded like what I was looking for so I booked a course as soon as I got my provisional licence back.

I booked my extended driving test and then did a twenty-hour intensive course the week before the test.

Driving standards had changed a lot over the years and I had to re-learn so much including the reverse manoeuvres but we worked through the test syllabus until I was able to drive safely, smoothly, and at test standard; scanning the road ahead and planning my approach to every hazard.

I passed the test with just three minor faults and now can't wait to get back on the road.

Thanks Stan.

I can definitely recommend Stan for an intensive course. I went from zero experience to passing my test in a couple of weeks. Stan was a good teacher and although it was hard work I had a great experience.

Shaun - First time pass with no faults!
I'd like to say thank you to Stan for his patience and skill. I passed my test first time with no driving faults after just twelve hours tuition.

That says all you need to know about Stan's teaching methods and ability.

Last week three of my pupils passed their driving test on consecutive days to give me a hat trick of test passes. It's always great to see the smile on pupils' faces when they get the reward for their hard work but test passes three days running is something to shout about.

Monday morning saw Rosy taking her driving test after taking weekly lessons. She did especially well as the test route chosen for her included the infamous Carr Hill traffic lights. Rosy had always been determined to pas first time and did it in style.

Well done Rosy, now you can go wherever you want.

Tuesday morning saw Houston taking her test. Houston's busy work schedule on the fairground had led to interruptions to her lessons but she still took only three months to pass with only three minor faults.

Well done Houston, you worked hard and deserve your success.

Wednesday morning arrived and it was Rachael's turn to take her test. Rachel had decided to fit a semi-intensive driving course of thirty lessons into her busy schedule. She also took five extra hours tuition to fine tune her driving and help her confidence and it did the trick. She passed first time after only thirty-five hours of lessons.

Well done Rachael, now you can take the kids out whenever you like.

I passed in less than a month after only thirty lessons

Being one of the youngest in my year at school I wanted to learn to drive as soon as possible after my 17th birthday so I decided an intensive driving course was what I was looking for.

I passed my driving test first time after only thirty hours tuition and less than a month after my 17th birthday thanks to Stan's excellent teaching style (and patience!).

Stan is very good at tailoring lessons to suit different people's needs and his lessons suited me perfectly. The Learner Driving Centres DVD and book that he provided as part of the course really helped me learn quickly so and if you want to learn to drive quickly and safely then I definitely recommend an intensive course with Stan.

He gave me confidence in my driving ability and we had a good laugh along the way.

I have already recommended him to my friends so go on and get your intensive course booked.


A mother's view
My sister recommended Stan's Driving School when I was looking for a good driving instructor for my son Edwin. Her daughter had recently been on an intensive driving course with Stan and had passed first time. Remembering how difficult it had been to find a reliable driving instructor when my daughter was learning I was grateful for the recommendation and contacted Stan who arranged to come and see us at home to talk about what we were looking for.

Stan was very helpful and supportive from start to finish. He loaned my son the learning materials he needed to revise for his theory test so we didn't have to buy these and also booked the theory test and practical test giving us one less thing for us to do.

He planned a schedule of lessons for us to approve so that we knew in advance the date and time of each lesson, which was important to my son due to his work commitments.

Edwin enjoyed the driving but found studying for the theory test difficult and failed his theory test but with Stan's help and encouragement Edwin knuckled down and passed the theory test at the second attempt.

He even found an early cancellation for Edwin as soon as he was ready for his test when other instructors might have continued to charge for additional lessons.

Edwin passed his driving test first time.

If you want a patient, friendly, and professional driving instructor then Stan's your man.

He's unbeatable.

First Time Pass
"As a lot of my mates began to pass their driving test and I was still stuck with buses I decided the best option for me to take was to do the week intensive course. I'd heard about it before but wasn't sure how to go about getting involved but after finding the LDC website the company put me in touch with Stan Williams.

Stan visited me at home before the course to let me know all about it and how it could be done best to suit myself. The course was great fun and doing all the hours in the car as close as possible to one another really helped me focus on what needed to be done.

Stan was a great teacher; always calm, and his teaching methods are especially easy to follow whilst putting the learner under little or no pressure at all.

Now after having passed my driving test first time round I can't thank Stan enough!

No more buses and I'm able to go where I want when I want!"

No more waitingNo more waiting
"Having put off learning to drive for a year I decided the best way for me to learn was to do an intensive course during my Christmas leave. I searched for driving lessons in Doncaster on the net and came across the website for Stan Williams, an Approved Driving Instructor who covers my home village. I phoned Stan that evening and we discussed my options.

With only a week to the start of my leave, and still needing to pass my theory test, the pressure was on but Stan put together a schedule that would help get me ready for my theory and practical test before the end of my leave. He booked my theory test and loaned me the 'theory test' DVD and 'video driving lessons' DVD that are part of the Learner Driving Centres' teaching method.

I passed the theory test, Stan booked my practical test for the end of my leave, and we worked through the LDC lessons driving for three to four hours each day with regular breaks to help us keep our concentration levels high. It was hard work but great fun and my driving improved steadily throughout the course.

I decided to fit in some extra lessons and practice to build my confidence and skill ahead of the test and passed my driving test three weeks after my first lesson and in time to return to work as a qualified driver.

At the start of the course I wondered whether it was possible to learn to drive and pass my test so quickly but Stan's patience, skill, and sense of humour made it great fun to learn to drive.

If you want to learn to drive safely and confidently but don't have much time then I would recommend you contact Stan at www.learnwithstan.co.uk and get the freedom of being able to go where you want when you want.

No more waiting for trains or buses for me…."

What a difference a week makes.............What a difference a week makes.............
"With a toddler and home to look after an intensive course of driving lessons looked like the best way to get the independence that being able to drive would give me. I contacted Learner Driving Centres and the customer services team put me in touch with Stan Williams, an Approved Driving Instructor working in my area.

Stan came to see me at home so we could agree the best way to fit the course into my one-week holiday from work and get me started on the DVD video lessons and workbook so I would be ready for the start of the practical driving lessons.

Fitting the thirty hours driving into one week, watching the DVD lessons, and studying the workbook was hard work but the course was such fun that I hardly noticed how much my driving was improving. By the end of the week I was dealing with roundabouts safely, my manoeuvres were brilliant, and I could handle the busiest traffic conditions confidently.

I passed my driving test at the first attempt just a week after the start of the course and was delighted with the way Stan and the team at Learner Driving Centres helped me achieve success so quickly."